Results of the 2015 Annual Business Conference Ballots

There were 128 ballots cast this year.  Out of the 14 unique proposals presented, the following eight (8) received a 2/3 majority vote of Yes and will be placed on the agenda for the ABC in Austin. 

Proposal 2015-3    Submitted by Central Coast Intergroup (IG076); Grover Beach (CA915 and CA1006):  That WSO institute a program of planned, phased-in, on-going Public Service Announcements (TV, internet, radio, periodicals) to let the general public know ACA exists, who we are, that we work on personal recovery from growing up in alcoholic and dysfunctional homes, and give a phone number and web address to find meetings in local areas. No faces are to be on the announcements and no promises of outcomes are to be made.    Motion Carried:   108 Yes, 17 No, 3 No Opinion  (128)

Proposal 2015-4   Submitted by Central Coast Intergroup (IG076)   Move to have WSO upload all trifolds in unalterable PDF forms in all available translations so members worldwide can download them for free.  Motion Carried:   102 Yes, 20 No, 6 No Opinion (128)

Proposal 2015-5   Submitted by San Antonio, TX (TX081)   We propose that copies of any material referenced in a ballot proposal be made available with the ballot or on the WSO website for groups to review before voting.  Motion Carried:   98 Yes, 13 No, 17 No Opinion (128)

Proposal 2015-6   Submitted by the Austin, San Antonio, LaGrange, TX Intergroup (IG600) We propose a requiring future WSO Trustees be qualified by at least one year’s active service to an Intergroup, Region, or other intermediate-level service body. If needed, this requirement may be implemented incrementally, intending to apply to all trustees by the 2025 ABC.  Motion carried:  104 Yes, 11 No, 13 No Opinion (128)

Proposal 2015-8   Submitted by Exton, PA (IG599) We propose that the ACOA website be updated to have better communication with meeting leaders when their meetings are about to be given a “yellow caution warning” signifying outdated information.  Motion carried:  89 Yes, 27 No, 12 No Opinion (128)

Proposal 2015-9   Submitted by Polish Intergroup (IG602)  We propose that ACA WSO will change the rules of printing and publishing of the translations of ACA fellowship text and Yellow Workbook so it will be allowed to print the translated books in the home countries (without limitation to one-time printing) in the case when costs of printing in the foreign country are significantly lower than printing in the US and shipping to the country of translation language. This is the case of Poland, where printing and publishing of the book is much cheaper than in USA. Of course the income from selling the translated books will still go to the purposes of ACA WSO.  Motion carried:  106 Yes, 14 No, 8 No Opinion (128)

Proposal 2015-11   Submitted by Kihei, HI (HI020 and HI023); Haiku, HI (HI204)  ThatACA/WSO provide Hawaii ACA Meeting Groups with the option to use USPS Media Rate Service when literature orders exceed $500.   Motion carried:  86 Yes, 24 No, 18 No Opinion (128)

Proposal 2015-13  Submitted by United Kingdom Intergroup (IG530)  That the 2 Trifolds, ” 25 Questions, am I an Adult Child “, and ” ACA Sponsorship: Fellow Travelers” should be provided free by download from the ACA Website.   Motion Carried:  102 Yes, 20 No, 5 No Opinion (127)


The following are the votes on the proposals that didn’t pass:  Proposal 1 – 64 Yes, 43 No, 21 No Opinion (128); Proposal 2 – 58 Yes, 60 No, 10 No Opinion (128); Proposal 7 – 46 Yes, 59 No, 23 No Opinion (128); Proposal 10 – 60 Yes, 48 No, 20 No Opinion (128); Proposal 12 – 63 Yes, 42 No, 22 No Opinion  (127); Proposal 14 – 31 Yes, 71 No, 25 No Opinion (127)

Hazelden Portland Recovery Speaker Series

Mark your calendars and join us every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

The Portland Recovery Speaker Series is free of charge and open to all who are interested in recovery topics.

Laurelhurst Village
3060 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97214

The Recovery Speaker Series is free of charge. Please register online.

Lisa Knudsen

April 7
Lisa Knudsen, MS, CADC II, Spiritual Care Counselor, Hazelden in Springbrook

Resilient Recovery
Lisa Knudsen shares ideas from the psychology of happiness and results of resiliency research to help us understand how to use our innate gifts, resources, and experiences to deepen recovery. Attendees who are willing to take a shortcut to emotional and spiritual wisdom can participate in the experiential exercises.

Jeffery T. Young,

May 5
Jeffery T. Young, Associate Medical Director, Hazelden in Springbrook

Stress and What We Can Do About It
This discussion will be an opportunity to learn how stress, though a normal and common experience, can also become a problem when it is repetitive and causes burnout or health problems. We will review the various causes of stress and the potentially unhealthy changes that may take place in our mind-body as we respond to stress. The good news is that we have an opportunity to work on becoming resilient and there are a variety of scientifically proven strategies that can help. We will practice a mindfulness exercise to give each person a chance to experience some stress relief.

Laura Moss Ferguson

June 2

Laura Moss (Ferguson), MD, Medical Director/Addiction Psychiatrist, Hazelden in Springbrook

Medication Use that Supports Recovery

The Big Book tells us that medical or mental health issues are better discussed with one’s physician. Not all physicians understand the risk that certain medications can pose to people in recovery. How do we talk to our doctors and advocate for ourselves for safer medications in recovery? As a physician, what are things that I can do to support my patients in recovery and decrease the risk of relapse?

Questions? Contact Myron K. (503-307-9772), or Lori A. (503-554-4353).

To register online, click here Hazelden Portland Recovery Speakers

ACA is not affiliated with Hazelden. This is a general recovery speaker series and open to all. It is not ACA specific. 


Step Groups

Hello Adult Children, I am reaching out again to find out about step study groups in our area. If you are a part of a current step study, could you email me with the day, time, and whether or not it is still open for new attendees? Please send your emails to It would be great if you are also willing to be a contact for the meeting of it is still open. A member has reached out about open groups, and I’d like to connect then to you. Much, much gratitude!

ACA Spring Retreat

The Western Washington Spring Retreat is coming up April 16-19. Applications for scholarships are due by March 27. There has consistently been plenty of scholarships – everyone who has applied has been granted one in the past several years. So, strengthen that power of asking for the best and getting it! Deadline for registration is April 6.

There is also a need for volunteers with the Safety Committee, Family Group Leaders (mini ACA meetings held throughout the retreat), and Registration Team. If you’d like to get involved, send an email to