ACA Speakers & Recordings

Saska R & Deb K – Addiction to Excitement


Inner Child Panel – Chuck, Tim, Donna, Don, Carolyn (beginning)


Debbie B


Bill C

Bill C – Meditation Workshop

Boundaries Speaker Panel in Portland 2015

Chuck on Boundaries

 Don on Boundaries

Sarah on Boundaries



Jay and Meg at September 2014 Speaker Meeting entitled “Blameless Inventory & Replacement Behaviors”

Don W. and Julie at September 2014 Speaker Meeting about “Replacement Behaviors & Blameless Inventory”


Don – 2012 Convention (16 Parts)

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4

Part 5 

Part 6 

Part 7 

Part 8 

Part 9 

Part 10 

Part 11 

Part 12

Part 13 

Part 14 

Part 15 

Part 16 

ACA 2008 Convention Recordings

Follow this link to the following speakers:

Dr. Lucia C.
“Reparenting Our Selves:
Renegotiating with the Inner
Critical Parent ”

Self-acceptance gained through Inner Family work relieves us from the burden of perfectionism and the need to rescue and protect the Inner Child in others. Exercises include: Getting in Touch with Feelings, Meet Your Critical Parent, and Embracing Your Inner Brat.

 Don C.
“Completing the Circle
in the Cycle of Violence”
Traumatized children are pushed to the point of exhaustion and collapse as part of the family’s “bop ‘til you drop” scenario. The workshop will examine the obvious and hidden ways this can happen. We will explore how The 12 Steps can be used to uncover and reverse this process of “group intoxication” that we internalized as children and keep acting out as adults.
Lesley R.
“ACA in the Workplace”
Join Lesley as she expands on how our ACA Characteristics affect us in the workplace. The workshop allows us to discuss our common experiences and help each other reduce the chaos that we can bring to our work lives.
Mary Cook
Mary has over 31 years of clinical practice treating a broad range of addiction and psychological problems. She taught at Cal State Dominguez Hills with 29 years as Professor in their Alcohol & Drug Counseling Certification Program. She taught psychology and addiction studies at UC Irvine & LA Harbor College.
Dr. Lucia C.
“Getting Off the Teeter Totter “
Practicing self-care through Inner Family work removes expectations from others to be the loving and protective parents we never had. We will identify power imbalances in current relationships and learn how to get off the teeter totter in which one person assumes a parental role and the other a child role.
Mimi & Roy
“Bullies & Boundaries”
Mimi and Roy shared their experience, strength and hope at a Portland ACA Intergroup event entitled “Bullies and Boundaries”. Check out the link to the audio here. 
These ACA members also published a booklet about “Setting Boundaries”. This is not conference-approved ACA literature. It is the experience of a couple of ACA members which many local members have found helpful in their ACA journey. Check it out for purchase on amazon here.

If you want to listen to ACA-themed speakers from past ACA Conventions, call the “Speaker Tape Line” at 712-432-8809; conference ID 8273#, (which translates to “TAPE#”). Please see the list below for extension numbers for each individual talk.

2005 ACA International Convention (Extensions 20051 to 20059)

1. Grace Murphy, “At Peace with the Process” 20051

2. Michele L., Inner Child Writing Workshop 20052

3. Earnie L., “Carry the Message” 20053

4. John F., “Acquiring Real Self-Esteem, and Growing Up in the Process” 20054

5. Omer G., ACA Sponsorship Workshop 20055

6. Earnie L., “Connecting the Dots of Recovery” 20056

7. John F., “Trusting the Process with Relationships” 20057

8. Earnie L., “The Glory of Our Story” 20058

9. Richard F., Closing Address 20059

2006 ACA International Convention (Extensions 20061-20066)

1. “ACA Fellowship Text Release” 20061

2. Robert Subby, “Morning Workshop” 20062

3. Marty S., “Confusing the Outside with the Inside: A Two-Tiered Model of Addiction” 20063

4. Jim Y., “Workshop” 20064

5. Robert Subby, “Keynote Address” 20065

6. Dow P., “Closing Circle” 20066

2007 ACA International Convention (Extensions 20071 to 20076)

1. “ACA 12 Step Workbook Release” 20071

2. Barbara Whitfield, “When the 12th Step Happens First” 20072

3. Marty S. and Friends, “A Crime Scene Reconstruction” 20073

4. Charles Whitfield, “Core Issues in ACA Recovery” 20074

5. Barbara Whitfield, “The Power of Humility: Choosing Peace Over Conflict in Relationships” 20075

6. Charles Whitfield, “The Doctor’s Opinion and Beyond” 20076

2008 ACA International Convention (Extensions 20081 to 20085)

1. Dr. Lucia C., “Reparenting Our Selves: Renegotiating with the Inner Critical Parent” 20081

2. Don C., “Completing the Circle in the Cycle of Violence” 20082

3. Lesley R., “ACA in the Workplace” 20083

4. Mary Cook 20084

5. Dr. Lucia C., “Getting Off the Teeter Totter” 20085

2009 ACA International Convention (Extensions 20091 to 20093)

1. Reverend Leo Booth, “Intimacy with Self” 20091

2. Reverend Leo Booth “Intimacy with Others” 20092

3. Reverend Leo Booth, “Intimacy with Higher Power” 20093

2014 ACA International Convention (Extensions 20141 to 20147)

1. Claudia B. – Her Story (69 minutes) 20141

2. Keynote Address – Claudia B. (105 minutes) 20142

3. Workshop IV – Jim Y, “Breaking the No Trust Rule” (84 minutes) 20143

4. Workshop VI – Nancy M., “Breaking Free From Feeling Based Reactions – Finding a Path to Sacred Pause” (60 minutes) 20144

5. Saturday Speakers – Angie & Steve M., “Restored to Sanity in Relationships” (54 minutes) 20145

6. Comedy Wakeup – Bill W. (18 minutes) 20146

7. Sunday morning speaker – Robert V., “Surrender: The Secret Power in Letting Go of Power” (57 minutes) 20147

16 thoughts on “ACA Speakers & Recordings

  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to access the Speaker Tape Line. I call the number, enter the access code, yet I get three beeps and am disconnected. Is the Tape Line now offline or is there another issue. Thank you.

    • It does appear to not be working, for me either. The most recent recording is from five years ago, it appears that this has not been updated since.

  2. Hello,
    I’m a fellow from Amsterdam-Holland.
    Is it possible to download these MP3?
    And possible a link to Deb’s “Inner Drugstore”?

  3. Hi Marilyn, thanks for your inquiry. I would contact the World Service Organization at about this. I just took this recording from their site, so I don’t have any additional information. Good luck on your search!

  4. Hey Thank you so much for your service of making these recordings available. Very helpful. Is there any way I can buy a copy of Don C.’s 2008 talk Cycle of Violence? I am hearing impaired and miss many words. A transcript would even be better. Any way to get either of these? Please let me know. I realy feel like my program would be helped by getting this information more clearly. Thanks Please text or

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