General Format of ACA Fall Retreat

This year’s ACA Fall Retreat theme is Relationships. Here is some general information about past retreats as shared by a member who has attended several:

The retreat is planned and workshops given by volunteers.  In the past, there have been workshops on many subjects of interest to ACAs and codependents, such as the ones we have presented on grieving, bullying, and working with our inner child; also finding a HP, changing our self-talk, mirror work, collaging, storytime.  There is a chance to share a few times daily in a small “family group” with an abbreviated 12-step meeting, plus time for walking in the woods around the lake, or the labyrinth.  The dining hall, play and craft room, and sometimes the workshop rooms are available for folks to gather or work alone.  (Coffee and tea on tap.)  The cabins are a short walk from the lodge, and there is also space there for hanging out.  There is often dance music on in one room, and regular events include a dance on Saturday eve, a bonfire, an affirmation circle, a candlelight meeting.  Everything is optional!  There is a safety committee of folks available for a private talk if emotional issues arise.
The beginning is a potluck 6pm Thursday eve, and some like to arrive a little earlier to settle into their cabin space.  Workshops are planned for about 10-5 FridaySaturday, and Sunday morning.  Meals are buffet style and do not conflict with other offerings.  We depart after lunch and closing, about 2pm Sunday.
Please look a few posts below to find registration information.

Argentine Tango!

It has been said, “It takes two to tango,” but as a student and teacher of the dance for 13 years, I see tango as more than the cliches – I see it as a tool for understanding a balanced partnership, in life as well as on the dance floor. Come learn to work with a partner in a playful and creative way, by learning the basics of Argentine Tango with your fellow ACA’s!

Beginning Argentine Tango Lesson for ACA
Saturday, September 13th, 2014
6:30p – 7:30p
Ankeny Street Studios
Ankeny Street & SE 9th Avenue, Portland, Oregon