What events do YOU want for 2015?

It’s here – the 2015 ACA Oregon Intergroup planning session and potluck. On this fun, lighthearted, (and delicious!) afternoon, we get together to plan events for the coming year. Please feel free to come and share your ideas or send an email to acaoregon@gmail.com with suggestions. You can come with event ideas and/or speaker panel topic ideas.

The ACA Oregon Intergroup #589 2015 Events and Activities Planning Session/Potluck has been set for SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2015. It will take place at the Alano Club in Northwest Portland and will go from 1pm to 4pm up in the Loft room.

Many thanks to Rexanna & Daveena for their work on getting this reserved for us!

ComLine Release Form

I _________________ on this the day of 2015 do hereby state that:

I am the creator and owner of the copyright of the attached article, poem, share and or artwork.
That the attached article, poem, share and or artwork is an unrestricted gift from me to ACA WSO.
That I am giving the attached article, poem, share and or artwork to ACA WSO, Inc for its consideration in publishing said article, poem, share and or artwork in any ACA WSO, Inc. publication in any form whatsoever now existing or as may hereafter may come into being, including, but not limited to, the ACA ComLine, the ACA WSO website, or any other hard copy or electronic publication.
ACA WSO may, at its sole discretion, edit the article, poem, share or modify any art work as they deem needed.
That I give ACA WSO the right to reproduce, sell and distribute the attached article, poem, share and or artwork without any remuneration or compensation to me or without any reservation on my part whatsoever in law or in equity.
I understand I will not receive any credit for the article, poem, share and or artwork.
I understand that the ACA WSO reserves the sole discretion to decide if it will publish the article, poem, share and or artwork.
Unless I have provided a self-addressed stamped envelope, I will not have the attached article, poem, share and or artwork returned to me if it is not used by ACA WSO.
If the article, poem, share and or artwork is used it is to become the sole property of ACA WSO.

(your name) (date)

Please use a separate form for each submission.

ACA ComLine Newsletter Looking for Submissions

We are happy to inform you that the WSO is working on publishing our ACA ComLine which had been discontinued due to a lack of volunteers and a lack of articles. Our due date is March 1 so that we can publish by April 1, 2015.

In order to do so, we invite all of you to consider sending in any contribution of an article, poem, art and or a share regarding your strength, hope and experience in your path of recovery as an Adult Children of Alcoholics or Dysfunctional Family. The article should be no longer than 200 to 250 words. We require a release form to come with it which is included with this letter.

The new edition will include much of what was included before, plus a foreign language article since we are a worldwide fellowship.

Please send them to my email address. The form will need to be mailed to me if you can’t scan it with your own information. Let me know if you can’t scan it, so that I can send you my personal address.

Please send them to

Phyllis R.

Laundry List Flip Sides Reminder for Comments

At the 2014 ABC, the Literature Committee distributed an early draft this document. It has subsequently been reviewed and approved by the WSO board for consideration by the fellowship. Click here to download a copy [ http://www.adultchildren.org/lit/4x4_content_first_review_v1a.pdf ]for review. The Literature Committee further requests comments from the fellowship’s meetings and InterGroups. Please submit these comments to the WSO Literature Committee using the Contact Us web page. [ http://www.adultchildren.org/contact/ ] The Literature Committee intends to present the final version at the 2015 ABC for approval.

We encourage your groups to review this document, forwarding your comments as indicated. The Literature Committee plans to close the comment period on February 22, 2015.

For your reference, general literature selection guidance is discussed on pp.611-613 of the Fellowship Text.

The literature approval process is described on pp.18-21 of the Operating Policies and Procedures Manual at http://repository.adultchildren.org/images/organizational/OPPM.pdf