Laundry List Flip Sides Reminder for Comments

At the 2014 ABC, the Literature Committee distributed an early draft this document. It has subsequently been reviewed and approved by the WSO board for consideration by the fellowship. Click here to download a copy [ ]for review. The Literature Committee further requests comments from the fellowship’s meetings and InterGroups. Please submit these comments to the WSO Literature Committee using the Contact Us web page. [ ] The Literature Committee intends to present the final version at the 2015 ABC for approval.

We encourage your groups to review this document, forwarding your comments as indicated. The Literature Committee plans to close the comment period on February 22, 2015.

For your reference, general literature selection guidance is discussed on pp.611-613 of the Fellowship Text.

The literature approval process is described on pp.18-21 of the Operating Policies and Procedures Manual at

Teleconference and ComLine

This is an invitation to all ACA fellowship members who are interested in what is happening with the World Service Organization. This is the board committee that makes all kinds of things happen with YOUR help, input and 7th tradition contributions, plus income from our literature. It is our intention to be as transparent as we can be so that all may know the process and procedures for our actions.

The meeting is held on the second Saturday of the month at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time USA.

There will also be a teleconference meeting the second week in January to discuss revival of the much-requested ComLine, one hour before the monthly board meeting. Please use the same phone number and access code. We will be meeting for approximately 45 minutes.

January is ACA birthday month!

At last year’s ABC, January was designated ACA’s birthday month. It’s a wonderful excuse for your groups to organize a celebration. Speaker’s meetings, pot-luck dinner’s, or any sort of celebration may be appropriate. Since we’ve never done this before, we can celebrate any way we like. So get creative and have fun!

Happy Birthday, ACA!

What is the Intergroup??

Intergroup is the regional board of trusted ACA member servants. Each ACA group is allowed 2 Intergroup representatives voted by members in that group’s business meeting. Each Intergroup rep can vote in monthly Intergroup meetings. This is a way to offer service with a very small amount of commitment (1 hour per month).

The Intergroup meets the first Monday of every month at the Alano Club in the small room next to the restrooms at 6pm. The True Selves meeting is right after at 7pm, so it can be a great way to motivate for meeting attendance as well. Come for a visit (no pressure, we promise!) next Monday!


Interested in offering service but aren’t sure about making a commitment? Send an email to, and we will put you on a list when we need extra help for special events and projects!