Join us this Thursday 3/31 for the first meet up of the Monthly ACA Film Club

Before March is over, join us for film and fellowship as part of a monthly ACA Film Club…


Wolf OR-7 Expedition
part of the Portland EcoFilm Festival
730pm Thursday, March 30
Hollywood Theatre
Follow the six adventurers of the Wolf OR-7 expedition team, as they retrace the route taken by the GPS-collared wolf known as OR-7. OR-7 was born in NE Oregon and in 2011 left his pack and dispersed south to find new territory. He became the first known wolf in California in 90 years, and remains alive and wild. OR-7’s travels, and his story, are an exploration of historic and modern-day human and wolf coexistence.
To order tickets, visit:

* Meet in the theatre lobby by 7:15.
Apologies for short notice on the March film—it’s a special screening that just hit the radar. More notice for the April film!

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