Intergroup Needs You!

Intergroup needs you!!!

To keep intergroup going:
We need participation from everyone in ACA!
Group representatives and members, YOU. 

Without intergroup:

  • we all lose
  • we have less literature available
  • we have less workshops
  • less fun
  • less resources
  • less ability to support those in Need!

With intergroup we can plan more activities, including camping or dances or things completely new and different!

Service enriches the recovery of us all, by a lot!!

  • Come drop in, see what’s it’s about!
  • See how you can continue to help ACA be a vital and thriving part of our community.

Alone we grow less quickly. Together we are able to do so much more!
Join and thrive in the environment of service to others

  • Join us, this Saturday (Mar. 9th) at 2:00pm, in the Alano Club cafeteria

5 thoughts on “Intergroup Needs You!

  1. Is there a way to find out more info or participate without attending the meeting? I’m curious what kind of volunteer work is needed. Thanks!

    • Hi Rissa, Yes. We can send you the meeting notes and also list of upcoming meetings. We are going to be having a planning meeting the 13th of April (I think). Which will go over what kind of things everyone wants to see happening and also volunteer opportunities that are available. Either/or is awesome!!


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