2 thoughts on “ACA Fall Retreat 2019

  1. Hello my name is Ciara Coulson, I am hoping to attend the retreat this year if scholarships are still an option. I am currently in recovery through A.A. and my sponsor gave me some ACA material that has enticed me into learning more about your program. I plan on coming to the workshop on July 27th (this coming Saturday, 2019) so that I can get to know members. I mostly want to introduce myself and learn more about the program as it seems to be right on point with my addiction and family history. I have been an addict for nearly two decades and am 30 years young with three children who are currently separated from me because of my addiction. I am grateful to have found recovery and am working my steps diligently. I have a home group and am a member of the URS club thanks to the kind members who believe in me even when I couldn’t myself. I am looking forward to increasing my support system and getting to know more like minded people. Thank you for reading this lengthy message and I hope I may be of service for this program.

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