2 thoughts on “Updated: December Intergroup @Alano Club!

  1. Hi , I am new to ACA and am looking for a new step meeting. I am wondering how to find out if one will be starting or about an opportunity to start a new one. I am highly motivated to get one started if that’s what it takes, but being I’m new, need guidance, information and interested parties to help in process. My most reliable weekly availability would be Fridays between 9-2.

    • Hello Anna,
      Step study meetings are usually self created in this community, there are no ongoing and open meetings to my knowledge. This is partly because Step Study meetings move through the steps sequentially, and due to the deep sharing that tends to occur, there is value in closing that meeting at some point. Do you have a regular meeting that you attend? If so this would be the best place to begin asking around for folks interested in creating one. There are probably also folks in that meeting who will have some insight for you on this process. And, you can ask again here once you find a group of people interested and available to meet regularly with you. This may take some effort, and it will pay off!
      Stephen C

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