14 thoughts on “Oregon Step Study Meeting Flyers

  1. I am Deanna, ACA. We have recently started a 12 step study (yellow workbook) in the US and I am in search of any formats used by people who have experienced and completed a 12 step study.
    I have several specific questions: How did you break the study down? Did you ever experience the group to become too “therapy” like? Did you apply the Big Red Book principles for meetings?
    Thank you in advance for any direction you can offer.

    • Hi! Thank you for being patient, as this got passed my attention!
      I am currently starting a group in the Portland area. What I have learned is to expect about a month step, assuming one hour weekly meetings. The exception is typically step four, which is a crucial step. Many get stuck here, and others sometimes leave. Consider allowing whatever time is needed for this step, and to remain patient and supportive to those who are having difficulty. This work lasts our whole lives, it is worth the time it takes, even though a year sounds so long. As far as being like therapy, that seems a little out of bounds. One might make amends, and recognize that we are here to witness and support, not to fix. Again, these are the things I have picked up, I’m only speaking for me.

      • Can you let me know when/where this meeting will be taking place – myself and at least one other fellow traveler have an interest

      • This meeting begins January 7th, from 5-7 at the Portland Alano Club, we’ll be getting together the first and third Sundays of the month. You are most welcome, we will be using the Yellow Book as our guide.

      • Hello! Yes, this group is holding one more ‘open’ session. It is this Sunday (the 4th) at 4:30pm, we are meeting in the SE Room of the Alano Club. We are using the yellow book (available at the club) and will be working on Step One. It would be good if you read through that before the meeting. And, you would be most welcome!

      • Hello!
        Step study groups form sporadically, they tend to happen when enough newcomers are interested in making one. There is actually one forming right now, in the Portland area. The reason they happen this way is that it can be a long journey through the yellow book, so people tend to begin together on what can be also be a difficult journey. It makes good sense to all be working on the same step at the same time. Let me know if you are interested in knowing about the one getting ready to start!

    • The new Sunday group on the east side will soon have a step study starting, if there is enough interest. The meeting will start on 9/25 from 6 to 7:30 and the step study probably will be beforehand, starting as soon as we have enough people.

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