Meeting Service Positions

We suggest that service positions terms be at least six (6) months
in duration. These guidelines are provided for your easy reference.
Each meeting is autonomous and can modify, change or delete
guidelines as the group majority sees fit.

A. Meeting Secretary

1. Registers meeting with the Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service
Organization (ACA WSO) office.
2. Sends meeting information changes (new location, new officer, etc.) to ACA
WSO and the Intergroup.
3. Opens and closes the meeting, unless this is delegated to another trusted
4. Ensures meeting room is set up and cleaned up.
5. Welcomes Newcomers. Greets newcomers before meetings, talks with them
after the meeting and provides New Member Packets accordingly, unless
otherwise delegated.
6. Is responsible for the unity and safety of the meeting:
a. Hold business meetings.
b. Limits time of sharing by timer or other means.
c. Help ensure “no crosstalk” rule.
7. Announces service opportunities at least one (1) week in advance of the
opening and facilitate the election process for new or established service
8. Presents the Secretary’s Report/Announcements during meeting.
9. Fills in or helps find temporary replacements for other services positions as

B. Meeting Treasurer

1. Collects and records 7th Tradition donations.
2. Pays meeting expenses (rent, coffee, etc.).
3. Reimburses members who present receipts for refreshments, literature,
copies, chips, etc.
4. Keeps a “prudent reserve” (usually 1 month’s normal meeting expenses).
5. After all expenses are paid, while maintaining a prudent reserve, and as
approved by a group conscience, sends the excess funds to the local ACA
Intergroup and/or World Service Organization to continue their work:
telephone information, meeting directories, literature, events, et cetera.
6. Sends 7th Tradition donations to the local ACA intergroup, region and World
Service Organization offices (60% to Intergroup/Region & 40% to WSO).
7. Gives the financial status of the meeting to the members of the meeting as
designated by the meeting format (weekly, monthly, etc.).

C. Literature Chairperson

1. Displays literature at each meeting (sets up literature table, etc.).
2. Replenishes all depleted literature (buys books, makes copies, etc.).
3. Cleans up and puts away literature at the end of each meeting.
4. Presents all receipts to the meeting Treasurer for reimbursement.

D. ACA Intergroup Representative

1. Attends the local Intergroup meetings.
2. Makes concerns and questions of meeting known to the Intergroup.
3. Continue to offer support to the Intergroup or communicate service needs to
the meeting.
4. Distribute information collected to the meetings (events, news, literature, etc.).

E. ACA WSO Group Representative –

1. Attend monthly teleconference meetings. Teleconferences are held the 2nd
Saturday of each month. Dial (712) 432-0075 code: 427266# to connect with
the callers.
2. Makes concerns and questions of meeting known to ACA WSO.
3. Continue to offer support to ACA WSO or communicate service needs to the
4. Distribute information collected to the meetings (events, news, literature, etc.).

F. Other possible service opportunities –

Greeters, set up room/clean up room; Speaker Coordinator, Timer, Coffee
person, Cake person, Chip person, etc

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